AicA | Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants

Our alliance

Alliance of Inter-Continental Accountants (AicA) was founded in 2005 by Chartered Accountants firm in Hong Kong and Malaysia, namely Roger Kam & Co. and T.H.Kuan & Co.

AicA is a network of independent Chartered Accountants firm, which are well established and reputable firms in their respective country which are located in key financial centres of the Asia Pacific region.

AicA member firms are able to provide you with cutting edge cross border professional services, with the commitment from experienced and dedicated fellow members.

One of AicA greatest strengths is the willingness of each member firms’ partners to share their knowledge and insights with other member firms. The fast pace global economy has led many businesses venturing into foreign soil and thus the need for accurate and relevant business intelligence and advice are much sought after by business leaders and decision makers. AicA members firms are ready to assist and advice, with the unreserved support from fellow AicA member firms.

AicA places great important in assisting member firms in the investments of human capital. The staff force of all AicA member firms are high caliber and well trained professionals. All member firms believe that the continuous investments in human capital is paramount to the continued success and relevance in the provision of professional services with high level of expertise and integrity.

Our Alliance is closely associated with staff exchange programme, annual meetings, social visits and exchange updates of requirements and regulations of respective country.

AicA protects, assures, enhances and grows your business and is your fitting partners in crystalising your business objectives.

AicA – Your International Business Solution Partner.